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Frequently asked questions

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Q. Are Ozmac ute tray bodies built in Australia?

A. Yes, all Ozmac bodies are built in our Toowoomba workshop. They are built individually so we can customise each tray to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Q. What is the process in the paintshop of Ozmac Welding?

A. After each tray has been individually manufactured to the highest standards set at Ozmac welding, the ute tray goes to the sand blasting booth where it is blasted to help prepare the surface for painting. It then moves into the cleaning bay where it is wire wheel chipped as final preparation for painting. The tray then progresses to the paint booth where it is wiped down and undercoated with a grey etch primer, before being sealed and top coated in a 2 pak paint in the same colour as the vehicle it is about to be fitted to.

Q. Can I change the length and/or width size off my Ozmac steel ute tray before it is manufactured?

A. Yes, all Ozmac trays are individually manufactured in Toowoomba workshop, we are able to change dimension, style and basically anything else you require. This is your investment and we are here to manufacture what suits you.

Q. What sort of floor is in the Ozmac Ute tray?

A. At Ozmac, you have the choice of a flat steel floor, checker plate steel floor or a tongue and groove timber floor.

Q. Can Ozmac welding fit a water tank to my new tray?

A. Yes, Ozmac offer water tanks which can be fitted to a new Ozmac ute tray. You have a choice of stainless steel or various black PVS models.

Q. Do you do removable rear racks for carrying long lengths on?

A. Yes, we offer a completely removable rear rack system that can be taken out to give you floor space on your tray or used to carry those long lengths on.

Q. Is there anything I can put on the top of my tray side to stop them being scratched?

A. Ozmac welding offer aluminium or stainless steel cover strips which fit neatly over the sides. This prevents scratching to the tray sides and also gives a good look to the finished product.

Q. What size is a standard Ozmac under body toolbox?

A. The standard under body toolbox is 600mm across the top, 450mm on the bottom, 400mm high and 230mm deep.

Q. Can Ozmac welding do custom toolboxes?

A. Yes, at Ozmac we are happy to do custom toolboxes, however for us to give you an accurate price, we need a detailed drawing of your toolbox including shelves, draws or any other requirement you have.

Q. What is the waiting time for an Ozmac Ute tray?

A. Because all Ozmac trays are individually made, we require approximately 15 working days from the date of order to fitting date. This can vary and it is best to ask at the time of ordering.

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